We manage medical
device end users'
repair journey

If your repair process is organized in silos, you end up with an extremely cumbersome experience, which is actually not optimized for the customer, but optimized for the company.


Build on

Eliminate repetitive, manual tasks, improve quality and reduce mistakes. Ask us to build your own workflows or use VISKOOT ready-use workflows.


Why Us

Contrary to popular belief, coding isn't everything when building an app. There are many other skills needed to create a successful repair app specifically for medical device manufacturers. Our team has collective knowledge about clinical applications of different medical devices, ecommerce and in-depth knowledge of endusers expectations in medical and dental spaces. Designing a repair app like VISKOOT requires a variety of skills that contribute to creating an exceptional user experience and user interface. Viskoot brings together a team of specialists who focus on their area of expertise, making us better at solving the biggest challenges and delivering the best output possible. We have the experience and resources needed to handle the complexity of repair app development for medical device manufacturers.


Customer's expectations
during repair process are
increasing dynamically

If they can manage a booking through an app, why can't they access all the repair milestones in an easy, integrated manner through their mobile device?


VISKOOT was developed to help medical device manufacturers provide a delightful experience for their end users during repair journey.

  • Repair journey management

    Automated Workflows to manage repair journey

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Support

    VISKOOT is formatted for iPhone and any other mobile device running on android

  • Real time repair milestones tracker

    VISKOOT brings device delivery and repair tracking milestones to life

  • Customer Experience

    Real-time communication for maximizing end users experience when they are at their lowest engagement point with the brand (having a broken product)

  • Reporting & Data

    NPS, transactional and behavioral data collection for data driven decision making

  • eShop

    Automatically feature new devices for purchase when the old one is not repairable or repair cost is not economically justified.

Enduser Experience is a Perception

This is not an operational KPI as you usually have in your company. This is a perception driven by a very clear equation. It's the observed performance that the customers have during the repair process minus their expectations.


Optimized Customer experience (CX) / User experience (UX)

We have built VISKOOT to optimize CX and UX for your endusers when their devices are broken and they are at their lowest level of engagement with your brand. End users enjoy instant warranty validation through automated email or SMS communication.


Happier endusers/ higher brand engagement

VISKOOT can help your company to organize and automate the repair process. Keep offline interactions to a minimum and keep your NPS score high during the repair journey.


Repair Center Process Automation

Our workflows ensure that your repair team spends as little time on VISKOOT as possible, minimizing admin work and any copy-pasting as they progress through the repair. If it can be automated, we've done it. Want more customization? We can do that as well.


Data Driven Management

Running a repair center, especially when end users have high expectations, requires real time data driven management. VISKOOT Dashboard enables you to set permissions and work flows based on roles. VISKOOT provides real time data to the service managers for monitoring KPI and also CX quality control for the entire repair team.


In App survey

VISKOOT in app survey function acts as a crowdsourcing campaign for collecting and cataloging information about doctors and surgical assistants day-to-day need, expectations, and preferences.


White-Label Repair App

You have the option of having a white-label repair App and make it available to all of your end users. End users can use it as a single point of contact with your repair center from creating repair orders to tracking deliveries, and all transactions.



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